Fragments of a Distant Light

by Shahman

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Recorded February 14, 2016 at B Town studios
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Collin Young
Words by Peter and Robert Johnson
Art by Joucous
Insert art by Peter and Joucous
Cover photo by Steph Johnson
Released 09/23/2016 by Art of the Uncarved Block (UB 007)


released September 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Art of the Uncarved Block Toronto, Ontario

Music and art for the primordial mind

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Track Name: Before the sun rose, she would strike a chord
Every morning
the music pours
through the crack in my door
and into my ears
disassembling the silence
of a sleeping room
a crow of sorts
a morning bird
I am left only to frown
and scrape together
the remains of night
Track Name: Unending curve
Driving through Texas
lush greenery contrasts
the sunburnt lawns
set afire
by unrelenting heat
the birds all sound
different here
Track Name: I watch her as she watches the sky
My love grew
each time
for the body in the lake
it's curving belly
always afloat
it's still head studying the sky
it was never a chore
to reach the crest
and follow it's shape
as I descended to it's shore
Track Name: Time slows on a glassy lake
We couldn't tell
if it was the sun or moon
that hung so indecisively
above the treetops
below the purple sky
that opened it's giant mouth
to let out the dark
waiting so patiently
for us and the loon
to sit a little longer
Track Name: Glimpses of the despondent form
Stale breath of death
dusty skin
following the wind
rusty hair of the lip
lining glass
muffled cotton ears
pressed to sound
inside my mind, beautiful eyes
a golden haze
illuminate the mind's eye
Track Name: Bruyere
I watched them through the window
come off of Bruyere
to pass the flowers and the dying tree
across the weathered deck
among the birds and wasps
I saw him touch
the handle on the door
and as he pulled, I felt relief
they sat on the bench
with brown and tearing skin
across the slab of counter that I leaned on
as I worked I watched the steam rise
from the mugs in their hands
it rose and danced
between the words they formed
Track Name: As I sit my roots begin to deepen
When I drop the needle
even fire years later
after many seasons have turned
my life reflects a dream
burdened by memory
and how it all played out
I didn't know
I'd miss those things
when the inhibitions die
and the feeling remains
these songs haunt me
Track Name: Stained skin, cast into leaves
Our skin had changed
we wore the scent of earth and rain
it was soft and brown
after being out under the sun
we found ourselves in a field
dust leapt up around our ankles
searching through a sandy row
tilting bodies to find the darkest berries
from the green runners we found
Track Name: The space between us narrows
I turn to leave the van
under the orange lights
of a downtown parking lot
a cold pile of metal
it sits collecting snow
looking at my feet I dial your name
I watch for ice as I wait
you answer the phone
as if we talk every day
I almost feel sorry
since it's been so few and far between
in the morning I watch
you pull in through the grey
you idle as we wait
talking through the sliver in your window
the engine turns
so we drive to the corner
to the china town gate
unsure of what to say
I pump gas and listen to traffic on the street
you hand me a twenty dollar bill
so I mutter a thank you
as I avoid your eyes
I really want to smile
to let go of what we have
but I can’t
Track Name: Tributaries of green
I am a child
in the woods
sweeping track
with boughs of pine
Track Name: I fell asleep with the weight of you next to me
She sung into my back
as the room spun
an anxious body, her warm hand
circled between my shoulders
as I stared into the dark
it was the only thing
that would allow
my eyes to fall
and sleep begin
Track Name: She waits for me where the sun is low
Down the cracking path
narrow near
I find you sitting in a chair
staring at the woods
sounds of birds and a far off motor
carried by the wind to our ears
you sit
I sit
and we watch the trees dance
the chair you occupy is fading
the green is nearly gone
the plastic almost white
you hardly notice
with a drink in your hand
Track Name: An ancient light extends it's hand
Fragments of a distant light
stretch and illuminate the void
my pupils dilate
to receive its fading visions
they fall softly from above
while I dream
they stream into my consciousness
as I pace the streets
like beads of precipitation
they land at my feet
forming small lakes
that bear my image
so I crane my neck to see
your body next to mine
the red of your warm skin
our feet running amongst the trees
the low light of the forest
as the day prepares to rest
here we are together
Track Name: Come to me in everything
Alone with my mother
we speak through the trees
when I'm with my mother
we weep through my knees
alone with my mother
sitting by the fence
when I'm with my mother
we sleep in the peace